Senior Tips

Lower body Swing action

Your lower body has two very important roles within the golf swing. Firstly the legs act as important sources of stability within the golf swing.

The Path to Success

The majority of students that I see will slice the ball. The rest will hook, with few knowing the correct path on the downswing.

Relax and enjoy

One element of the golf swing that is essential to playing great golf shots is the movement of the body and arms at the same pace.

Recovery Shots

I often see club golfers trying to pull off miracle shots when all they have to do is play the higher percentage shot. This will cut out the chance.

The Biomechanics of golf

Biomechanics is the analysis of human motion using the principals of physics and physiology.Using Biomechanics technology.

Truly hit a straight shot

The answer to this question is simple. It is virtually impossible to hit the ball dead straight. In actual fact, the ball has what is referred to as a Start Line.