I often see club golfers trying to pull off miracle shots when all they have to do is play the higher percentage shot. This will cut out the chance of having a those dreaded extra shots on their scorecard that aren’t needed.

Picture is of me trying to be a hero and play a shot through about 50 trees in order to advance the shot down the fairway further. This is a very silly shot in my opinion as I have more chance of hitting a tree and ending up in a far worse position than I am currently in.

Picture is the smarter option. Take your medicine and chip out through a wide gap which will enable you to hit your next shot from the fairway. While it might be a difficult pill to swallow, the safety chip is a much higher percentage shot, and will more than likely save you a stroke (or more) and help you avoid a “blowout hole”.

Play the ball towards the middle/back of your stance and have the clubface slightly open and similar to the punch shot in my July article. You need to feel like you are keeping your hands forward and hitting a punch shot. The hands coming in forward of the clubhead that will be left slightly open will help produce that low ball flight out from under the trees and will add a little bit of a slight fade to the shot.

Play the ball a little more in the middle/forward in the stance and have your clubface slightly closed this time, making a normal swing with the slightly closed clubface– which will help the ball come out a little lower and produce a hook spin on the ball which will help it turn the way you want.

Adding the fade or the draw into your recovery shots will definitely help you get the ball a little bit further down the fairway when we are playing the safer option.

The short game makes up the majority of shots in our overall score. Learning to play 5 different shots around the green will give you the ability to get up and down from just about any situation. Playing the most efficient shot when required should yield the most consistent results. The following shots can be played with a 7-iron down to a 60-degree Lob Wedge; they will all just fly and roll different distances and have a different amount of backspin.

Firstly, learning the 5 shots in order will ensure we know how to impact the ball properly. A downward blow on the back of the ball ensures we compress the ball on the sweet spot of the clubface. Once that is achieved and then maintained for each of the shots, we should be able to perform all of the shots with consistency.

The Set Up – The set up for this shot is similar to the Lob Shot. The ball is played forwards but this shot does require an open face. The shaft is kept vertical so there is maximum amount of loft.

The Swing – To execute this shot we play with “dead arms”. If I take my backswing and then let the hands drop as if I had “dead arms” the clubhead would hit the ground a foot behind the ball, there is no arm thrust at all. We simply now turn the body and feel like we are dragging the clubhead through the ball while my arms just drop. The hands will end up leading the clubhead thus the feeling of dragging the clubhead.

The clubface needs to remain open through impact and the clubhead will not follow through much at all. If executed correctly, the result will be a mid trajectory ball flight that stops pretty quickly.