Well, in the sport of Longdrive Golf, there’s no putter to be seen, nor do you have to remain absolutely still while the golfer addresses his shot.It’s a sport of loud grunts and blaring music. Yeah, if you love 20/20 Cricket you’ll love Longdrive Golf. (By the way, in this sport we “Drive for Dough”! )

If you want to become the next RE/MAX World Longdrive Championship Australian Champion or if you simply just want to get a few extra metres off the tee read these tips on how to turn that 280m bomb into a 350m monster!


The key to hitting the ball a long way is to make sure you hit the centre of the clubface. I achieve this by having good balance and great tempo. Quite often at golf days, I see people who swing it well all day, yet when they stand on the tee of the longdrive hole they try to swing it 20kph faster than they have all day. The result being a wayward tee shot. Maintaining good balance and tempo throughout the swing will help towards hitting that sweetspot and creating more distance.

Weight transfer and club release

You don’t need to have an aggressive swing to hit it long — you just need a strong swing. By using the transfer of weight during the downswing and the late release of the club through impact you can achieve good distance with minimal effort.

At the top of the backswing I like to see the weight stored on the right side with a shoulder turn that has my back facing the target. From this position you can now fire your weight forward by clearing the left hip away. This will create lag in the hands giving you extra speed at impact.Through impact your hips should almost be facing the target and left arm and the shaft should be in a straight line.

I believe when the left arm and the shaft first make a straight line that this is the fastest point of clubhead speed. So if you can achieve this at the point of impact you should gain maximum distance with minimal effort.

Shaft Flex

There are many golf shafts on the market. Choosing the correct shaft really depends on your swing speed and ball flight. Golf shafts have different weights, flexes and kick points. Senior shafts are generally lighter in weight and more flexible than a men’s regular golf shaft. You can really see a difference in your ball flight when you have the correct shaft to match your swing speed.


If you have back problems and you can’t bend forward into the correct golf posture, having longer clubs will make it much easier for you to strike the ball more consistently. Just make sure you are fitted correctly.

Grip Thickness and Grip Type

Did you know there are different grips on the market? Rubber, cord, multi compound, junior, Ladies, size 58, 60, midsize, oversize and even Arthritic grips are available. Depending on your palm width and size of your fingers and the feel of the grip, your grip should be fitted to you (just like your clubs). So if you are buying new clubs or just re-gripping the clubs in your bag, ask your local PGA professional which grip is right for you.